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Setting a new standard in supplemental education…
Eye Level is based on the educational principle that students learn at their own pace.  When a teacher understands the educational needs of a student, learning is most effective.
Individualized Program

Eye Level is a systematic, individualized program that caters to students of all abilities utilizing a unique and proven learning method.  This allows each child to have a customized starting point depending on their ability, regardless of his/her age and/or school grade. Each child's study progression will depend on the student's pace of learning.

Develop Critical Thinking Ability

Eye Level focuses of building each student’s foundation in Math and English, as well as helping students to gain self-confidence, interest in learning, and develops a child’s critical thinking and analytical skills.

Small Step to Success

All concepts and skills in the Eye Level program are interrelated.  Mastery of basic foundational skills is necessary before advancing to more complex skills, resulting in improvement of a child’s accuracy and speed when completing more complex questions.

Teaching & Learning Materials

Eye Level makes learning interesting and fun.  Students are taught by professional educators with teaching tools such as colorful worksheets, workbooks, audio CDs, colored blocks, wooden shapes, and more.

Low Student:Teacher Ratios

2:1  Pre-K to Grade 1
4:1  Grade 2 to Grade 12

No group level instruction

Professional Educators

Degreed teachers specializing in early and elementary education. Advanced level teachers specializing in writing and upper level math.

Keeping Pace with the World

Eye Level Math and Critical Thinking is the only supplemental program offered in the U.S. that is aligned to international math standards.

The Critical
difference is
Critical Thinking.